Jan 092013

No Questions Life Insurance It is the end of the year so you settle in to take stock of your financials.  Tally up your checking and savings accounts, mutual funds, IRA or retirement plan. On the other side of your paper you add up your home loan, car loan, credit cards and other debts. Then it hits you.  You don’t have any life insurance. None. Maybe you carried term insurance through your work, but now [read more]

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Dec 132012

Buying Life Insurance | What’s In It For Me? When you think about buying life insurance you might ask; what’s in it for me? The number one reason life insurance is purchased is for the death benefit.  It can be used to pay off debts or pay estate taxes.  Life insurance can replace income if a spouse or parent is gone.  Businesses use life insurance to soften the blow if something happens to a key [read more]

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Jun 262012
8 Tips for Lower Cost Life Insurance

Eight Ways to Reduce Life Insurance Premiums We make every effort to provide useful information about life and health insurance for you.  When we  run across helpful articles, we will pass them on to you. Stacy Johnson of money.msn.com/ recently wrote a good article listing eight tips you might consider to cut what you pay for life insurance. lifeinsurancenebraska.com may not agree completely with Ms. Johnson’s ideas.  You can decide if the advice fits your [read more]

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