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Term Insurance  »  Inexpensive Life Insurance for Temporary Needs

Term Insurance premiums are level for initial periods of 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years.  If you are buying life insurance for temporary needs, Term Insurance may be your best bet.  Be aware that premiums may increase and become very expensive after the level period.  If your life insurance need is long term, consider whole life or properly designed universal life.  If you only need life insurance for up to 30 years get  Instant term insurance quotes.  Some life insurance companies will even issue up to $500,000 without any medical exam.

Senior Life Insurance  »  No Medical Exam  »  No Physical

Buying life insurance does not always require a physical exam. Depending on your age, you can buy from $2,000 up to $250,000 without a medical exam.  No needle sticks, no blood pressure checks.  Quick.  Uncomplicated.  Get the life insurance you need without a medical exam.  Quite often you will be approved instantly.  See what your rates would be.

Whole Life Insurance  »  For Permanent or Lifelong Needs

Whole Life premiums and death benefits are guaranteed for the life of the policy as long as scheduled premiums are paid on time. Your premium will not increase and your death benefit will not decrease.  Whole Life policies build cash value which may be available to the policyholder.  Whole life insurance quotes and information.

Make sure you understand how your life insurance works.

  • How long is the premium guaranteed not to increase?Call (800) 882-5009
  • Does the guarantee match up to the time frame your needs will exist?
  • Does the policy build cash value?  Do you want to build cash value
  • If it does build cash value, how can you access the cash value?
  • If you take money out of the policy, are the guarantees changed?
  • Can you access benefits if you are terminally ill?
  • Can you access benefits if you are in a nursing home?
  • How much life insurance do I need?

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